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29/08/2018 09:06:21

Whether you’re a new or existing user of Flood Modeller Pro, you’ll benefit from our recently improved licensing structure! We’ve merged the unlimited node 1D solver and unlimited cell 2D solver to create the ‘Unlimited Solver’.

The new Unlimited Solver offers access to unlimited 1D nodes and unlimited 2D cells, providing users with an unrestricted flood modelling solution which is capable of modelling rivers, floodplains and urban areas at any level of detail.

If you’re a new user of Flood Modeller Pro, the Unlimited Solver can be purchased and added to your licence for £6,000, providing a £4,000 saving!

If you’re an existing user of Flood Modeller Pro, who already has the unlimited node 1D solver or unlimited cell 2D solver, you can migrate your licence to the new ‘Unlimited Solver’ for just £1,000 (up until 1st December 2018)!

By migrating your existing licence, you will have access to unlimited cell versions of Flood Modeller’s 2D ADI Solver, 2D TVD Solver and 2D FAST Solver, in addition to the unlimited node 1D solver.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive a formal quotation, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative or request a price list.

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