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23/05/2018 17:08:50

Want to access superior computational power to help beat project deadlines? Need to run more scenarios to enable better flood management decisions? Simply don’t have enough software licences? Flood Cloud provides the solution to all of these problems!

You don’t need to own or rent Flood Modeller and TUFLOW to run your models in Flood Cloud. Running your models in Flood Cloud is excellent value for money and costs a fraction of what you would usually have to pay to purchase flood modelling software. As an example, a user of Flood Cloud can run 8 x 10 hour Flood Modeller simulations for as little as £135.

Download the Flood Cloud factsheet

The latest update to Flood Cloud enables users of Flood Modeller, TUFLOW and HEC-RAS to seamlessly undertake flood risk modelling, at any scale, in the cloud. It delivers the on demand computational resource required to deliver the step change needed for better information on flooding. It also removes any licensing restrictions previously imposed, allowing users to run Flood Modeller and TUFLOW licence free in the cloud.

Users wishing to run models that incorporate unlimited 1D nodes or multiple 2D domains no longer need to rent these add-ons on a short-term basis, as they can simply upload their models to Flood Cloud without upgrading their dongle. Flood Cloud does not charge a premium for running larger models or those that incorporate more than one domain.

Flood Cloud is revolutionizing the way we think about our projects and breaking boundaries in what we can do for our clients. Flood modellers and engineers across the globe can now run hundreds of concurrent simulations, allowing them to receive their results in the same time as it would normally take to complete just one simulation locally.

Flood Cloud provides various benefits, including:

  • Quicker results: access high performance hardware on demand, allowing you to unlock the full potential of Flood Modeller by running more concurrent instances of the software.
  • Greater analysis: deterministic models for single storm events have been established for decades and modellers have been limited to this method due to the cost of software, speed of computers and availability of alternative analysis. It is now practical to overcome these barriers.
  • Flexibility: perfect for organisations with growing or fluctuating project demands. If workloads increase or you need to undertake more detailed analysis, it’s easy to scale up your processing capacity. Likewise, if you need to scale down again, you have that flexibility.
  • No capital-expenditure and reduced software costs: align costs with revenues and cut out the initial cost and ongoing maintenance of high performance hardware. Having the option to run a greater number of concurrent simulations can also reduce future software costs.
  • Secure: hosted by Amazon, it is built on a secure platform, ensuring your data and personal details are safe.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Flood Cloud can be accessed when you need it, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Available 24/7, your projects can continue to run beyond your regular working day.
  • Free up existing software licences: run simulations using Flood Cloud allowing others to use the licence to build their models.
  • Reliability: hosted by Amazon’s state-of-the-art offering, it makes it less prone to in-house IT infrastructure challenges.
  • Competitive advantage: it provides enterprise-class technology, for everyone, allowing businesses to act faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our pay-as-you-go service allows organisations to compete more effectively, while remaining lean and nimble.
  • Only pay for what you use: our cost-effective pricing structure makes it even easier for you to plan and manage your projects.

For further information, visit the Flood Cloud product page. Alternatively, contact your local representative to request a quotation or additional information with regards to Jacobs’ innovative cloud service.

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