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22/02/2018 23:03:44

With 70 years of combined development, Flood Modeller and TUFLOW are two of the industry’s leading flood modelling solutions. Join Jon Wicks (Technical Director for Flood Modeller at Jacobs) and Bill Syme (TUFLOW Author at BMT) at our upcoming webinar on Tuesday 27th March at 12:00 BST to find out what's new in Flood Modeller and TUFLOW. 

The webinar will include:

  • Linking Flood Modeller with TUFLOW (Classic)
  • New TUFLOW HPC 2D Solver, including linking with Flood Modeller
  • Running TUFLOW in the cloud using Flood Cloud
  • Simulation builder – menu driven way to generate run files for scenarios
  • Enhanced damage calculator – calculate flood impacts from depth grids
  • Flood Viewer – online viewer for flood extents
  • Run time monitoring – shows progress of Flood Modeller and TUFLOW runs
  • Upcoming Flood Modeller and TUFLOW conference and events

Register for the webinar

Please note that our webinars are extremely popular and limited spaces are available.

Previous webinar recordings can be viewed here

Bill Syme, TUFLOW Author

Bill is the author of TUFLOW and has led the development of the software since its inception in 1989. He is an internationally renowned expert and has successfully managed and led a wide range of flood studies and flood risk management studies. Bill manages the TUFLOW software operations and continues to work closely with Jacobs.

Jon Wicks, Flood Modeller Technical Director

Jon is the Flood Modeller Technical Director and Global Practice Leader for Flood Modelling at Jacobs. He has over 25 years’ experience in the application and development of modelling and decision support systems in flood and water resource management.

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