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02/02/2018 11:08:16

The 2018 TUFLOW conference returns to Bristol in April 2018 and will provide a range of presentations, workshops and round table discussions involving a range of flood related topics.

The themes for this year's conference reflects the interests of TUFLOW users. The role of TUFLOW in natural flood risk management and urban flood risk will be two areas presented at the conference from a range of professionals. The goal is to explore innovative and novel uses of TUFLOW within the conference to help professionals in all aspects of their work.

Members of the Flood Modeller team will be presenting on how they’ve applied TUFLOW to various projects, as well as recent development to Flood Modeller-TUFLOW integration, including the enhanced TUFLOW Link and innovative Flood Cloud system.

Adam Parkes, Senior Modeller, will discuss the challenges and opportunities for distributed hydrological modelling. Improved software and hardware capability brings the prospect of whole scale distributed catchment modelling, helping address questions around catchment change, urbanisation and Natural Flood Management (NFM), to name a few.  What opportunities does distributed catchment modelling bring and what are the challenges?  Drawing on experience from several recent projects, when is distributed modelling desirable over traditional lumped approaches, what needs to be considered and what are the obstructions to implementation?

Dr. Konrad Adams, Senior Developer for Flood Modeller, will be introducing the newly-developed link between Flood Modeller 1D and TUFLOW HPC, building on the long-established link with TUFLOW. He will share his experiences both of collaboration between Jacobs (previously CH2M) and BMT WBM (including the challenges of working in completely different time zones!) and of converting linked models to be run with HPC, and provide useful tips, including what to and what not to do.

Dr. Jon Wicks, Technical Director for Flood Modeller, will be contributing to a discussion session on best ways to manage hardware and software for flood modelling, where he will be explaining the innovative Flood Cloud system, how it currently works with TUFLOW and the future prospects for cloud computing with TUFLOW and Flood Modeller.

CH2M is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing technical support and specialist training. For further information, visit the TUFLOW section or contact your local representative.

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