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22/11/2018 17:05:45

Do you find it difficult to log and track model developments? Have you received a model and not been able to work out which simulations have been run and why? Well the exciting new project management tool that will be introduced in Flood Modeller 4.5 could be the solution to your model QA issues! This is one of a number of exciting new features and improvements that will be coming soon.

Although Flood Modeller 4.4 was only released in June, development is well on the way for Flood Modeller 4.5.

Flood Modeller 4.4 introduced a range of new features and interface improvements, including the linking to TUFLOW HPC, enhancements to the 1D and 2D solvers and improvements to damage calculator. Flood Modeller 4.5 will build on improvements to the damage calculator by incorporating additional damages within the damage calculator, such as vehicle damages, emergency response and evacuation costs, allowing a more extensive estimate of damages from flooding to be estimated. There will also be an improved link line generation tool that will speed up the process of linking models to Flood Modeller and TUFLOW 2D solvers. The plotting interface will also be improved to allow results from multiple model units to be plotted quickly on the same chart.

There are also a number of new developments planned to be introduced in 4.5 (as recently highlighted in a webinar by Jon Wicks). These include an exciting new project management tool that has the potential to transform the logging of model development by storing model information within a catalogue that can be easily shared with colleagues and clients.

For more details on these features, see the webinar presented by Jon Wicks where he discusses these in more detail.

There will be a number of other new features, improvements and bug fixes within Flood Modeller 4.5 that will be revealed closer to release date. We expect Flood Modeller 4.5 to be released during Q1 2019 and will announce more details on beta testing and an updated release date in the new year.


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