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22/11/2018 17:37:47

This month, our training manager James Savage sat down with our new Flood Modeller Customer Support Manager Beccy Haunton to find out a bit more about her.

JS: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

BH: Well since joining Jacobs I have been involved with the development of the latest Flood Modeller releases alongside helping out with the support team. Prior to joining Jacobs, I completed a 4 years Mmath Masters in Mathematics at the University of Reading before undertaking a PhD on “Advanced Numerical Techniques for Characterising Obstructions in Sewer Pipes”. I continued this research as a Post-doctoral researcher for another 2 years, meaning I spent 10 years in total at the University of Reading before joining the Flood Modeller team.

JS: That’s quite an interesting background! For those who don't know, what does the role of support manager involve?

BH: I manage the support tickets that we receive and ensure that queries from Flood Modeller clients are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. I also use the information gained from client queries to improve the Flood Modeller documentation and pass any bugs to the development team to improve the software in future releases. My overall aim is to try to improve the Flood Modeller user experience for our clients.

JS: What’s been your favourite part about the role so far?

BH: My favourite part of the role is being able to help supported users experiencing difficulty with the software. For example, a recent ticket came in with questions regarding terminology and the user was rather embarrassed to be asking what they considered to be simple questions. After clarifying the details of the terms causing confusion, the client revealed they had only been introduced to the Flood Modeller software recently as they were actually working on their dissertation. There is a large feeling of satisfaction to know that the help provided by the support team has not only been of huge benefit to someone, but also given confidence to a new user of the software.

JS: That’s good to hear! Now for a few questions about yourself outside of work…Do you have any exciting hobbies?

BH: I used to compete nationally at artistic roller dance - things like the blues and the foxtrot but on roller skates. I actually got quite good and used to win quite a lot! I can also play the flute. I did up to grade 6 in classical flute and played in an orchestra for several years before switching to jazz flute.

JS: Do you have any pets?

BH: I have a ridiculous cat - Roger. Half Bengal, half pure evil. Looks cute but that’s just to lure you in... 

JS: He really does look cute…Do you like to travel?

BH: Yes, I’ve been to lots of amazing places around Europe, including Florence and Berlin, and during my PhD managed to convince the University that my study depended on a summer school in Vancouver, hands-on experience at The University of Delaware and a two-week conference in a 5* beachside hotel in Tunisia!

JS: What’s your favourite type of movie?

BH: My fiancé and I love films... I thought I had been scared by films (typical American slasher) prior to meeting my partner but he introduced me to Asian horror films which have terrified me to my core. Not that it makes the American films easier to handle - I screamed so loudly in the cinema whilst watching the Texas Chainsaw Masacre remake that a guy sat near me accidentally threw all his popcorn over his shoulder like some comedy sketch, and in one of the Saw films (again, in the cinema, why do I do it to myself?!) I completely passed out. I knew it was happening and tried to leave, so essentially got everyone’s attention and then passed out like a drama queen.

JS: I think on that note we should draw this to a close! Thanks for your time Beccy, and good luck in your new role!

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