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15/10/2018 15:25:12

Flood Modeller 2018, one of the industry's premier flood modelling events, was a great success. The event saw over 100 attendees and 15 special guest speakers covering cutting edge research, UK flood risk policy, sharing best practice and presenting how Flood Modeller has been applied to a number of fascinating case studies. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to network with the Flood Modeller team, along with expert users of Flood Modeller and leaders in the flood modelling field.

‘Good enough modelling’ was a common theme during the day. Stefan Laeger, of the Environment Agency, explained how flood modelling underpins many decisions in flood risk management, thus how important it is to deliver good enough results on time. Edmund Penning-Rowsell challenged the audience to think beyond the prediction of flood depths and velocities to improve the assessment of the wide range of flood impacts, that are key for appraising the benefits of flood management schemes.

Many of the talks covered the modelling challenges of achieving ‘good enough’ results for the specific needs their projects – these included use of the Control Module to represent complex control rules for flood forecasting, taking a systems approach including spatially varying hydrology for understand catchment flood risk, appropriate assessment of joint probability of flood sources within scheme design, and multi-model approaches for surface water management.

Other talks provided advice on specific aspects of the Flood Modeller software which help achieve good enough modelling. Topics covered included: use of mass balance outputs to help assess model quality, appropriate use of the alpha and minitr parameters to achieve reliable results, and use of Flood Cloud to enable robust options appraisal.

We are also delighted to announce that the winner of the prize for best presentation went to Rupreet Rai, a Flood Risk Consultant at Capita, for her talk titled “The application of Flood Cloud in Option Appraisal Modelling”. Rupreet highlighted how running 50 simulations of her complex model on the cloud took 35 hours, rather than the 70 days it would have otherwise taken to run on a single PC. Rupreet also shared a number of useful insights and tips about her experiences in using the cloud.

This presentation, along with all presentations on the day, has now been uploaded to the conference section

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