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26/01/2018 10:27:05

Over the past 12 months, our development team have been working hard to implement numerous new tools and features for upcoming releases of Flood Modeller.

Our 2018 updates to the industry-leading river and floodplain modelling software will improve user productivity and efficiency, allowing flood modellers to streamline the work they carry out on a daily basis. The updates will also add new functionality to enable new ways for working.  Planned updates include:

  • Enhanced TUFLOW Link for Flood Modeller: Capable of connecting Flood Modeller’s 1D Solver with TUFLOW’s HPC 2D Solver, providing significant speed improvements
  • Improved Damage Calculator: Enabling the new Multi-Coloured Manual CSV format depth-damage curves as input, removing the need to manually process these data
  • EACSD data import: Seamlessly import EACSD format cross-section survey data directly into Flood Modeller
  • Updated Simulation Builder: Extending the functionality to enable linked TUFLOW to Flood Modeller simulations to be set up efficiently for a wide range of scenarios
  • Enhanced 2D FEWS adaptor: Enabling Flood Modeller 2D models to be included within the Delft-FEWS flood forecasting framework
  • Standalone Flood Cloud solution:  Allowing users to run third-party software, including HEC-RAS and TUFLOW-only models, within Flood Cloud - thus allowing more modellers to easily harness the power of cloud computing
  • Enhanced Flood Modeller 2D solver: Significant speed improvements and a wider range of input grid formats
  • Improved 1D direct solver: Updates to the Flood Modeller 1D steady solver to make it easier and quicker to generate initial conditions for unsteady simulations
  • Updated SWMM link: Enhancements to the way users link Flood Modeller with the US EPA Storm Water Management Model, improving the integrated modelling of  sewer and drainage networks with overland flow and river systems

Users of Flood Modeller Free will be able to upgrade to the latest release at no cost. Users of Flood Modeller Pro, with a current support and maintenance contract, will also be able to upgrade to the latest release at no cost.

For further information with regards to specific updates, contact our development team

To suggest a feature for a future update, post it within the Ideas Lab on our website.

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