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23/08/2017 09:14:16

CH2M is thrilled to be exhibiting and presenting at the 2017 Northwest Regional Floodplain Management Association (NORFMA) annual conference on September 26-29 in Seaside, Oregon (USA).

The 2017 event will focus on the theme ‘Managing Assets For The Future: Resilient Coastal and Riverine Floodplains’. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase the innovative functionality provided within Flood Modeller Pro, CH2M’s leading 1D and 2D flood modeling software and Flood Cloud. Drop by our booth to find out more!

On Wednesday, September 27 at 2pm, CH2M’s Tyler Jantzen, Water Resources Engineer, will present a paper entitled ‘Flood Modeling In The Cloud: Is this a flood analysis revolution?’ where he will discuss how cloud computing is increasingly becoming a part of flood management projects.

The presentation will also discuss the rise of the Cloud and ‘software as a service’ for flood modeling, and associated enhancements to model building, running, and results processing. It will consider more advanced aspects such as cloud-based data management, ‘real time analysis’, model connectivity, and the mechanics of effectively sharing results via the cloud for flood risk management practitioners and public engagement. The presentation will also share some of the benefits and challenges of flood modelling ‘on the cloud’, and a perspective on what may be next, including lessons learned from cloud applications in other industries.

NORFMA is a non-profit organization for regional networking and support on issues of environmental quality, economic sustainability, and scientific discovery on a watershed basis. The Association provides a channel for regional communication and cooperation in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.

For further information with regards to Flood Modeller Pro or Flood Cloud, contact your local representative

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