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28/11/2017 14:02:34

CH2M are distributors for TUFLOW and provide front line technical support and specialist training. TUFLOW compliments the solvers provided within Flood Modeller Pro, and has been linked to CH2M’s industry-leading 1D solver since 2004.

In early 2018, CH2M will be launching Flood Modeller v4.4, which will include an enhanced TUFLOW link which is capable of connecting Flood Modeller’s 1D Solver, with TUFLOW’s HPC 2D Solver (GPU).

The TUFLOW Link enables an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow, suitable for modelling flood risk in urban areas, amongst other scenarios.

It allows flow and water levels to be exchanged between the two models and fully combines the complementary strengths of Flood Modeller Pro and TUFLOW. This provides the user with greater flexibility in producing an integrated model using the most appropriate modelling method for different parts of the floodplain.

TUFLOW’s HPC 2D Solver is a powerful new solver which utilises the substantial power of parallel computing. The HPC solver runs on CPU or NVidia GPU hardware and considerably reduces simulation run times.

The HPC Solver’s CPU compatibility is provided at no extra cost as part of latest release of TUFLOW, with the GPU functionality available at an additional cost.

If you have any questions, or would like to upgrade to the TUFLOW link or TUFLOW’s GPU functionality, please do not hesitate to contact your local representative.

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