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26/07/2016 13:46:39

Flood forecasting is an essential component of flood risk management to reduce the impact of flood events. Early warning is crucial for efficient emergency response and contingency planning.

Natural Resources Wales, the principal adviser to Welsh Government about issues relating to the environment and its natural resources, has selected CH2M’s Flood Modeller Pro software, as the core hydrodynamic modelling solution within their new flood forecasting system which is being built using Deltares’ Delft-FEWS software.

Compatible with Deltares’ Delft-FEWS software, Flood Modeller Pro is designed to rapidly and robustly perform the calculations required to predict water levels and flows as a result of rainfall and/or extreme sea levels hours or days ahead. It allows the user to forecast water levels and flow rates with confidence, depending on availability of data and response time of the system.

With various government bodies throughout the UK, including the Environment Agency (England) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, utilising Flood Modeller Pro to forecast potential flooding, CH2M’s software was identified as the ideal solution.

Richard Crowder, Director for Flood Modeller Suite commented: “Due to its short run times, model stability and ability to retain full hydrodynamic capability and extensive range of hydraulic structures, Flood Modeller Pro is extremely well-suited to flood forecasting. This latest award builds on an ever growing list of countries where CH2M’s industry-leading flood modelling software is being used within forecasting systems, which include England, Wales, Scotland, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam”.

Andy Wall, Flood Risk Manager at Natural Resources Wales commented: “We are very pleased to continue our association with CH2M’s Flood Modeller Pro software which we use as the main tool within our real time forecasting system for river routing and hydrodynamic modelling. The flexibility, real time performance and resilience which this software offers are important to us in delivering a flood forecasting service in Wales, where rivers respond rapidly to extreme rainfall and where we have high risk locations where we need to model the combined effects of high river and tidal flows.

For further information on Flood Modeller Pro, visit our website or contact your local representative

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