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17/05/2016 16:42:03

CH2M is pleased to announce that TUFLOW has a new 2016 release available. Highlights of the latest update to BMT WBM’s flood modelling software include:

  • New structure types including ‘BB’ bridges and operational weirs
  • A new free version of TUFLOW allowing models to be developed and simulated (restricted to 100,000 total cells and 30,000 active cells; 100 1D channels; one 2D domain and a simulation time of 10 minutes)
  • New gridded rainfall options are available utilising a new rainfall control file (.trfcf). Three different interpolation methods are available including Inverse Distance Weighting, Triangulation and Thiessen polygons.
  • Record Gauge Data Output feature to associate gauge water level information with adjacent receptors
  • The addition of Log Law Bed Resistance for varying Manning’s n values with depth at very shallow flows.
  • A new 1D and 2D ‘Reporting Locations’ feature allowing water levels and flows from both 1D and/or 2D domains to be outputted in a combined manner
  • New output formats including NetCDF, automatic compression of XMDF, and automatic output of scalar and vector results in GIS point/polygon formats.

CH2M is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing front line technical support through our global network.

Flood Modeller Pro seamlessly links to TUFLOW enabling an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow. Flood Modeller Pro’s user-friendly graphical interface enable the development, running and analysis of TUFLOW models.

Customers who purchase their TUFLOW support and maintenance through CH2M can contact our dedicated technical support team at no extra cost.

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