8 industry-leading solvers

Our 1D and 2D solvers have been subjected to extensive testing and benchmarking, which has demonstrated they are some of the fastest and most robust solutions available.

40+ hydraulic structures

An extensive range of weir, sluice, orifice and bridge types enable you to accurately model the impact of structures and their operation on flows and water levels.

13 hydrological and tidal boundaries

A range of boundary options, including industry standard and regionally specific methods, provide the flexibility to accurately represent water entering and leaving your models.

User-friendly GIS-like interface

Flood Modeller’s GIS-like, user-friendly interface delivers an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing your flood models.

Hundreds of other tools and features

Flood Modeller provides a wide range of tools and features that allow you to streamline your projects, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Get more from your

flood modelling software

Flood Modeller allows you to seamlessly model river, floodplain and urban drainage systems within an intuitive GIS-like interface.

Improve your understanding of flood risk

Use the fully integrated capabilities to model the river, urban drainage and surface water flood mechanisms across an entire catchment.

Accelerate your model development

Try out the enhanced productivity and efficiency features to automate your model build.

Enhance your modelling experience

Benefit from our user-friendly modelling environment to quickly build, run and visualise your models.

Easily solve your modelling problems

Access our online resources or contact our dedicated support team to quickly get help with your modelling. 

Request a price list

Request a price list to find out more about how you can apply the software on your projects in the most cost effective way for your business.

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