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Flood & Hazard Mapping

Create accurate and trusted flood risk and hazard maps 

Flood Modeller allows you to quickly develop flood risk and hazard maps that you can have confidence in. Assess the level of uncertainty in your flood risk maps using the UMap tool. Share your maps using our web-based delivery service, Flood Viewer, to enable others to instantly view and interrogate your maps through a web browser.

Key facts

  • Choice of background mapping options – use your own background maps or link to a web mapping service (e.g. Bing)

  • Streamlined map production – use powerful post processing tools and automated mapping features to create maps

  • Tailored flood hazard calculations – to meet local conditions

  • Assess the level of uncertainty within your flood risk maps - using the UMap tool 

  • Easily share maps with colleagues, clients and stakeholders – using the Flood Viewer web service 

  • Output file formats: ASCII, GeoTIFF, SHP, KML, 2dm/dat SMS, XMDF, NetCDF, CSV and others

Bring your models to life by using your own background mapping or connect to your preferred web mapping service.

Turn 1D model results into 2D flood extent (risk) map projections using powerful post processing tools. Run your simulations using the 2D solvers and create flood risk and hazard maps directly from your results.


Create animations of your flood maps to visualise flood mechanisms and understand how flood risk and hazard changes over time. Export your risk maps for viewing in Google Earth or Navisworks to create immersive visualisations and engineering design models. 

Flood Viewer with Bing Maps in a browser

View and share your model results with others using Flood Viewer, our free web delivery service.

The UMap tool helps you to make more informed and robust decisions. The tool enables users to estimate and visually communicate the horizontal uncertainty in flood outline location. 

Flood Modeller can take both water depth and velocity outputs to calculate maps of flood hazard. The hazard calculation can be tailored to specific study locations through user defined parameters.  

Use Flood Viewer, an intuitive web-based delivery service, to enable non-technical users to effortlessly view and interrogate your flood risk without the need to purchase any software. It enables technical users to quickly and effectively visualise data and share project outputs directly from Flood Modeller with colleagues, clients and stakeholders for viewing through a web browser.  

Schedule a demo of Flood Modeller

If you're new to Flood Modeller, request a live demonstration to find out more about how you can apply the software on your projects.

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