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Hydrological Analysis

Access the latest hydrologic methods - all within Flood Modeller

Having flexibility in the approach to undertaking hydrological analysis enables you to make best use of the data you have access to and have confidence in your modelling results. Flood Modeller gives you access to the latest hydrologic methods and gives you the flexibility to define your own. 

Key facts

  • Flexibility to use industry standard or user defined hydrological methods

  • Industry standard methods built into the software (including SCS Curve Number, Green-Ampt, FSU and ReFH2)

  • The generic rainfall-runoff boundary allows users to select the most appropriate hydrological method for their region

  • Quickly find the storm duration which gives a maximum level or discharge at a given location

  • Use the Simulation Builder and a variety of other tools to streamline model set up

  • A wide-range of tools are available and designed to streamline model calibration

Flood Modeller gives you access to the latest hydrological methods, allowing you to accurately represent model inflows.

It provides added flexibility, allowing you to define your own or third-party hydrological methods and specify any combination of rainfall, evaporation or infiltration data.


The extensive toolkit within Flood Modeller streamlines the model building process and helps you quickly calibrate and understand the performance of your model.


Use the optimise storm duration tool to find the storm duration which gives a maximum level or discharge at a given location.


Use event files, which links boundaries to your models, and the simulation builder to quickly and easily set up and run your models for different scenarios, return periods or epochs.

"We chose to model the Afon Cefni in 1D using Flood Modeller due to its widespread adoption throughout the UK and robust implementation of the governing equations for flow, all within a user-friendly working environment along with integration with the latest hydrological techniques for design hydrology."


Brett Park | Wallingford HydroSolutions

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