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26/01/2009 12:28:09

Hi, I'm trying to load an image (*.tif) into an ISIS Mapper project but I get an error message telling me that the file is missing geo-reference. However, the tiff file is geo-referenced. Is there a specific spatial reference/coordinate system that needs to be used? Or any other hints as to where I may be going wrong? Thanks.


26/01/2009 14:49:57

Maybe try downloading a new *.twf file, and make sure it's in the same folder as the tif. http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/georeferencing/aboutpopup.html


27/01/2009 11:37:32

I've downloaded the *.twf file but unfortunately the problem persists - any other suggestions?


28/01/2009 10:11:47

Must be fussy about your Geotiff tags. Possible work around if can open your geotiff in free "MapWindow GIS" software (View --> Add Layer) Then create a jpg and Jgw file (Edit --> Export --> Georeferenced Map)


02/02/2009 16:30:57

I often load geo-referenced TIF files into ISIS Mapper with no problems (usually 10k and 50k OS mapping). Does it load OK in MapInfo/ArcGIS? If the image still fails to load with a new TWF file then I suggest you send the problematic file over to ISIS support.


22/07/2013 09:18:31

you should have some [url=http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/vb-net-imaging/imaging-processing/]image processing[/url] in oder for the image to be loaded successfully. say, conversion resize and so on. but i never have problem in [url=http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/vb-net-imaging/load-from-file/]loading an image[/url]. then you should contact ISIS support .

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