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08/08/2011 09:09:27

Hi, I am new to ISIS. I am using ISIS free version - Mode 4. When we open any ISIS .dat file in notepad, we can see the input datas i.e. c/s data, label, structure details and other input specifications. We can easily identify them. But, there are certain things in .dat file, which i am not able to recognize. Is there any way by which I can know the significance of each line/word mentioned in .dat file? Regards, Denish


09/08/2011 08:42:53

I would stick to using the user interface, unless you are trying to quickly import new channel survey. And use an editor like Textpad or PSPad, since these will give you the column numbers. ISIS is sensitive to the horizontal position of data columns.


Flood Modeller Support

15/08/2011 09:34:47

If you check out the Help file, each hydraulic unit has a data fields section, e.g. "River [Section] Data Fields" which will explain all. However, I agree with noah123's advice to use the user interface in most cases. Regards, Konrad


15/08/2011 11:38:02

Familiarise yourself with the user interface and once you are competent with ISIS, understanding the .dat content will be a more intuitive process for you because you will understand the significance of the elements. There is merit in utilising the .dat data in textpad to make global changes to the model and importing x-sect data etc as Noah suggests. However, it is important to understand that incorrectly editing the .dat in textpad can easily corrupt your model and in some cases it is not as straight forward to rectify as you would expect.

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