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19/12/2008 17:42:41

Why does ISIS assume backward compatible by default. Surely the default (if not specified in ief) should be new behaviour. The NFFS ISIS adapter assumes most recent engine unless told otherwise. Surely ISIS should assume new behaviour unless told otherwise. There are very few instances where one wants to force backward compatibility, but most cases users assume new behaviour (but could inadvertently use backward options if they forget to put new options into all existing ief files whenever running any existing models). Not sure if this belongs in ideas or forum? Also currently the Miscellany tab that controls backward compatibility is not listed in Help. Also, any reason why Bridge Section Interpolation is on Options tab rather than Miscellany with other backward compatibility options?


Flood Modeller Support

22/12/2008 12:08:45

I'm currently writing a piece on this for the EA, aimed at explaining the run parameters when configuring NFFS models within ISIS. Your thoughts are exactly those I'm intending to bring to the fore. To explain: backward compatibility by default is applied to stop models suddenly changing behaviour, but this only applies to existing models. This is enforced through the run form, so there is an anomaly with NFFS models, and similar, which aren't run through the run form. This policy was adopted a while ago, when improvements to the calculations caused some models to behave very differently, or even not to run; there is also the argument that if models have been calibrated using the behaviour of running old versions, they should continue to do so. Whichever view you subscribe to, reading the appropriate section in the Release Notes is highly recommended. The Run forms are badly designed IMO, from the point of view of adding new features - whilst the Bridge option fitted on that form, there was no extra space for the rest which came later.

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