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Crayfish 1.1.1 Released

Posted 14/10/2013 12:49 by lutra

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We are very excited to announce the release of Crayfish 1.1.1 which now supports TUFLOW FV results, projection-on-the-fly, long-section profiles and transparency. Also many previous issues fixed. See [url=http://www.lutraconsulting.co.uk/news/131014-crayfish-1.1.1-released]here[/url] for full details of this release. Installation instructions can be found on the [url=http://www.lutraconsulting.co.uk/resources/crayfish/]main project page[/url]. [img=http://www.lutraconsulting.co.uk/images/crayfish_tuflow_tutorial_001_400w.png]

Model unstable using 64bit ISIS-TUFLOW

Posted 27/03/2013 16:24 by adamgeorgesinclair

Last post 27/03/2013 16:45

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Good Afternoon, I am attempting to run an ISIS TUFLOW model that was built an run originally using ISIS v6.6.0.81 32bit and TUFLOW build 2012-05-AB-iSP-w32. Looking at the .tlf and .zzd files the model appears to have completed a run fine. However, when I attempt to run a model using the latest 64bit builds of both ISIS and TUFLOW the model crashed in the 1D domain at the start of the model. Obviously the answer would be to run the model using the older versions of both ISIS and TUFLOW, however our ISIS dongle is on a communal modelling machine. Also, we would like to run the model with the latest versions anyway, as this is good practice. As a side note, I attempted to run the model 1D only using 64bit latest version of ISIS and it appeared to run through fine, suggesting that it is the 1D-2D link that is causing the problems. Any ideas/thoughts on this problem would be appreciated! Regards, Adam

Loss Coefficients

Posted 15/02/2013 22:59 by paulevano

Last post 18/02/2013 12:49

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Hi there, I have acquired an ISIS-Tuflow model, however, the 2D section does not extend far enough downstream so I have had to create an ESTRY-Tuflow model using the flow outputs from the ISIS-Tuflow model. Given that the 1D component of the acquired model extends far enough, I was wondering if there is a way of extracting the bridge loss coefficients from a number of arch bridges in the ISIS model so that i can add them to my ESTRY model as I have limited experience with this model? Many thanks in advance. Paul

dongle error 60 when running iSIS-Tuflow

Posted 09/03/2012 10:11 by giulfel

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I am currently experiencing an error when trying to run an iSIS-Tuflow model on a shared computer using 64 bit-version for both iSIS and Tuflow. By looking at the iSIS diagnostic file, it is stated "dongle error 60 2d linkage has not been enabled for this licence." The shared computer has got iSIS v3.5.1.146 64-bit installed and an iSIS standalone dongle is plugged in(dongle ID=WS 2718). Tuflow runs using network licence and on the basis of Tuflow version 2010_10_AD 64-bit. Any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Giuliano


Posted 12/10/2011 09:12 by JackSouthon

Last post 12/10/2011 11:21

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I'm sure others are wondering as well. What is involved with upgrade to ISIS-TUFLOW-PIPE link from ISIS-TUFLOW link for existing users that purchased the ISIS-TUFLOW link prior to the release of v3.5.1? Do we have to return the dongle for an upgrade or can it be done remotely? If it involves returning the dongle what is your expected turnaround time? Could you issue the new dongle in advance of the old one being returned so users were not without a dongle? If not would you consider a temporary soft-lock license to cover the period of the upgrade? Thanks Jack

Error 2121

Posted 29/06/2011 17:39 by JoNelson

Last post 16/09/2011 11:04

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Hi, I think this is probably a very simple error, but it is telling me the start time is after the end time; I have looked at where these are specified in the ISIS set up file and they look fine (hr 0 and 50 respectively), and they aren't specified in the tcf. Any hints on where else to check/resolve? Thanks!

About error E1066

Posted 27/11/2009 13:31 by aryabhattiyam_2002

Last post 30/04/2010 19:02

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Hello, I am getting an error message like E1066. The diagnostic file says that Channel has gone dry. The model is a very simple one. I have given upstream boundary condition - a hydrograph of daily mean for 1 year- and downstream condition - a stage graph of daily mean for 1 year. 2 cross section of about 60 points have been entered. I checked with help and looked at cross-section points but without any success. This is very simple model. I am using ISIS free software. Also I have never tried ISIS before. Can anybody help me fix this problem? Advance thanks, HARSHA JADE PUTTASWAMY

ISIS v3.1; TUFLOW 2008 dll conflict?

Posted 16/12/2008 15:39 by Konrad

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I've had a couple of reports of the latest versions of ISIS & TUFLOW sometimes not working together. This is manifested by the following error/warning message [Run Log & zzd file] when running ISIS-TUFLOW: "Error loading TUFLOW_LINK.dll. Check this file exists on the path Simulation will continue in 1-d only" (and the TUFLOW component not running). This is because both ISIS & TUFLOW are shipped with the same [b]libifcoremd.dll[/b] file (but different versions). TUFLOW [i]needs[/i] v10; ISIS ships with v9, but is happy with v10. The solution is therefore to copy the file [b]libifcoremd.dll[/b] from your TUFLOW folder to your isis\bin folder. Konrad

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