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25/02/2013 11:11:12

Are there any known issues with running the “Tabulate Cross Section Properties” tool in ISIS 3.6 64bit on Windows 7? I get an error when trying to run the tool saying it cant find the above dll, although the dll does exist, and just want to find out if its a known bug or a system problem at our end.


Flood Modeller Support

25/02/2013 11:19:46

Tom, It's not you - it's a known issue on 64-bit machines, with a workaround. The user interface is 32-bit, therefore so is the dll, which conflicts with other 64-bit dlls in your folder. I shall ask one of my colleagues to post instrcutions to you, and also on this site, probably the FAQ. Regards, Konrad


Flood Modeller Support

26/02/2013 13:10:20

Hi, As my colleague Konrad said yesterday, we have placed the response to your question in the FAQ section of the website too. The links to this response on the FAQ section of the site are here: http://isisuser.com/faqs/default.asp?ci=60 and here: http://isisuser.com/faqs/default.asp?ai=45 Regards, Kostya

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