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03/02/2011 09:23:34

I seem to be unable to plot a long section after a steady run only. I feel sure you could before in maybe 3.2?. Workaround is a very short unsteady run which is OK but a pain when checking during model build process Anyone else having the same problem?


Flood Modeller Support

03/02/2011 10:57:57

Indeed - a bugette crept in in writing the binary results file in the Direct Method. (NB Steady timestepping should also be OK). This is fixed in the following: http://downloads.isisuser.com/v3_4/ISIS_3_4_patch.zip (The zip contains a Self-extracting exe which copies the relevant exes to the isis\bin folder). NB The patch also contains a very obscure bridge error (which is so unlikely and obscure it's not beneficial trying to explain, and it causes an immediate failure so it's obvious if it ever does occur) and a couple of relative path problems for ISIS Mapper 3.3. Konrad


Flood Modeller Support

03/02/2011 12:29:34

I mean the patch contains "FIXES FOR ..." (the errors described). And the "obscure bridge error" causes an Access Violation during the data read phase if anyone was wondering.

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