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Hazel Fielding

03/02/2016 12:42:44

When using a bend loss unit d/s of a junction, I assumed that you could use the remote node option to allow the unit to obtain the upstream velocity from a remote node, but this does not seem to work.  When plotting the velocity for the bend loss unit it just shows the constant initial condition velocity rather than a variable one as is shwon when the bend loss unit is directly d/s of a conduit unit.  Although even using this constant velocity it doesn't appear to be calculating the loss correctly as there should be a small loss (approx. 10mm) but it is showing no loss at all (less than 1mm).  Any ideas?


Flood Modeller Support

03/02/2016 13:31:13

What about using the "Velocity from downstream node" option? Might not be quite what you want, but does it work?

Remote node *should* work as you describe - I'll have a look.

NB The bend loss doesn't calculate a velocity, nor does a junction, which is why it's displayed as constant for that node (shared by junction and bend loss unit; it just retains the initial condition v, but doesn't use it either - as stated, it should be from the remote node)


Flood Modeller Support

03/02/2016 13:33:25

to clarify the last part of my last sentence, "it should be..." meaning "it should use it..." (as opposed to output it)

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