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09/07/2009 13:15:07

I'm trying to run a tidal model using head/time boundary conditions on the upstream and downstream ends. My model wont converge, and I can't run a steady direct model using the head/time boundary upstream - in order to get my initial conditions. Any suggestions?


10/07/2009 09:40:06

Umm... Not sure if it's going to be the best way, but it does work (I've only resorted to it once though!): If you start with both your HTBDY's set at the same elevation (and one that permits all cross sections to be wet), then you can generate your own initial conditions with that same stage and zero flow throughout your entire model. You can then ramp your boundary levels to wherever they should be (over 10 hours, say), do an unsteady run and take a snapshot (or post-process using Tabular CSV) at a time when your boundaries are as you want them (15hours, say). Hope that make sufficient sense! Any other suggestions?


21/07/2009 16:22:19

Thanks for that. I did manage to get it to run in the end!

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