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29/06/2010 13:38:46

Hi I've inherited a model which consists largely of culverted water courses. The culverst are surcharged for most for the run and the model is extremely unstable throughout. Does anyone have any hints on modelling surcharged culverts stably? Thanks Dominic


29/06/2010 13:44:07

Dominic, How long is your Culvert? If it is short then you could use an orifice instead of culverts. That will help in stabilizing the model. Mane


Flood Modeller Support

29/06/2010 13:44:28

We have put in a top slot option for ISIS v3.4 (out next month) which enables the transition from free surface to surcharged culvert flow to be handled more stably. This reduces the top width gradually, as opposed to the sudden change you can get (esp. with rectangular culverts). Otherwise, inserting a top slot manually would be the option (one would have to use a CONDUIT SECTION unit to do this and define the points, including the "hat" yourself). Konrad


29/06/2010 16:04:45

Hi Manaye, Konrad The culverts are really long (hundreds of metres) so orifice units are not an option. I've tried to top slot idea already, but it had a huge effect on peak water levels which made me question its validity. Dominic

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