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20/02/2014 09:44:59

Hi, I have just started using ISIS. I have basic model build but when I try and run it I get following message: [b]© 2013 CH2M Hill and others ISIS 1D Revision: Date: 13/11/13 Seeking licence for ISIS 1D... ISIS FREE (status code 0) Simulations limited to 250 nodes; Hydraulics/hydrology modules only. Event file C:\Program Files (x86)\ISIS\data\singleChannel.ief not found 6[/b] I checked and the event file is where it should be. How can that be fixed? Thanks. David


Flood Modeller Support

21/02/2014 10:44:53

Out of interest, if you open 2 Explorer windows and navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\ISIS\data C:\Program Files (x86)\ISIS\bin Then drag singleChannel.ief from the former onto isisf32.exe in the latter, do you get the same? This is a more direct way of running and should show if there really is an issue with the ief file or the command launching the ISIS simulation. Konrad


Flood Modeller Support

12/03/2014 13:01:31

Hi - I actually got the same as this yesterday and it is very strange. The top and bottom of it is if you had full write access to the folder OR save to a location where you do have write access, it should be fine. Since write access is often blocked to Program Files, that probably explains it. The weirdness here, and in my case, what I was seeing was being apparently able to save the [ief] file; the file was also visible in the save dialogue, but not in Windows Explorer. So some applications had access to this file; to others it was invisible. I'm sure someone with better knowledge of Windows could explain... Konrad

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