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30/04/2010 09:07:57

Is there a way of suppressing the ISIS run windows appearing during batch runs. Each model run opens a dos window that grabs the PC's focus and prevents you using the PC for any other purpose. This is particularly a problem with very long batch runs.

Yong Wang

Flood Modeller Support

30/04/2010 09:55:23

Hi Andrew Daugherty You can use the NON-Window ISIS f 32 engine, instead of the normal one. It is in C:\isis\bin folder, file called: ISISf32_nw.exe Dos command would be someting like: ISISf32_nw.exe xxx.ief Also, you can specify to Suppress Windows output in the ief file (on the [Options tab of the ISIS run scheduler]). SuppressWindowsOutput=1 Yong


Flood Modeller Support

30/04/2010 11:04:08

NB There is also the "Suppress Windows Output" option, which would need to be set in each ief file [use the "Options" tab on run form or "SuppressWindowsOutput=1" in the ief. Bear in mind that in either case, the run time [convergence info] graphics will not be created. Konrad

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