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20/11/2010 05:05:47

Hi all, Im a new user. I want to add a cross-section between two cross-sections in network which were already built. I try to add a cross-section but I can't link them together. Can you help me? Another problem, when I deleted some nodes in the network, some cross-sections were auto-linked together. I don't know how to delete that link. Thank you in advance for your help. Thanh


22/11/2010 08:19:33

Thanh If you add a cross-section unit to a river reach you need to specify a downstream reach length for it to be connected to the next section. ISIS will link units with the same node label (which is why a maximum of two nodes can share the same name), OR in the case or river and culvert units, units will be linked if they appear one after the other in the model network and DS reach lengths are specified. Hope this helps Adam


23/11/2010 03:37:39

Another related question, could anyone help? What is the best steps to cut the model into a smaller one? Best regards, Tri Van


23/11/2010 08:15:08

Two options 1: Create a copy of the model and delete the bits you don't want. 2: Create a new model and use the "File - Import - Model" tool. Adam


30/11/2010 08:21:44

Thank you Adam.

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