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16/03/2011 16:30:02

I am currently modelling a scetion of a watercourse with three bridge structures on. The gradient in the reach is quite steep at 1 in 220. All three of the bridges have openings as wide as the channel with no piers. Two of these bridges have a thin deck and spills over these decks whilst the third does not spill over the deck for the peak 100 year flow modelled, but only surcharges by around 140mm. The bridge opening here is around 4m deep. When the option is used to model the surcharged bridges as orifice flows, the peak levels upstream of each bridge increase significantly. Testing each of these bridges individually showed that the level downstream remained the same whether modelled as orifice flow or not. Is anybody able to provide advice on when this option should be used and if it is relevant in this case? Many Thanks Andy


30/03/2011 09:22:41

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