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Ed Shaw

12/05/2010 15:00:21

Hi, I would like to know the influence of fish pass and rock ramp installation on flooding. Specifically, I have a pre-existing model with weirs represented as Spill units. I would appreciate any advice to factor in the influence of the installation of a Larinier fish pass or a partial rock ramp on weirs on upstream flooding. I can change the cross sectional shape of a weir to reflect its shape after a fish pass has been installed, but is this enough to capture the impact on flooding? For a partial rock ramp there is obviously an increase in roughness in addition to the change in the cross sectional shape of the weir. In this case should I lower the weir coefficient to represent this increased roughness of the weir? If this is the right course of action then how do I find the right coefficient value? Thanks for any help Ed


15/03/2011 19:30:32

Hi Ed, we currently have the very same problem (how to represent Larinier and a rock ramp fish passes) and made ourselves the very same questions. May I ask how did you sort out the problem? Regards, Federico

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