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07/01/2011 16:43:04

I have modelled a river reach with a section entered for each of the surveyed cross-sections i have available. On running the model in steady state it stated that a number of additional sections should be added at between the existing sections, with up to 9 new sections recommended. Is this a common recommendation? To resolve this, should I add new interpolated sections? Thanks for any advice. Charles


Flood Modeller Support

10/01/2011 09:48:49

Hi Charles, This is a recommendation/warning that when/if you try to run the model in unsteady state, this *could* be a problematic section. It generally occurs in steep areas, or possibly significant changes in geometry. The more sections recommended to be added, the more likely this is. From personal experience, if I were running this subequently in unsteady mode I'd be tempted to either give it one go without any interpolated sections, or add 1-2 in the areas where it recommends the most. If it still causes problems, then I'd add a few more, either more between the same reach, or others where it recommends less sections to be added. It's also prudent to double check that the sections have been input correctly, of course. When adding interpolate sections, remember to change the "distance to next cross-section" of the original cross-section (i.e. it should now be the distance to the interpolated section, not the next original surveyed section). Regards, Konrad

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