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27/09/2013 11:31:56

I am modelling a crump weir with length of approximately 3 m. I have remote u/s and d/s cross sections and a long section down the invert of the channel and weir between the cross sections. I have duplicated the u/s cross section, placed it at the u/s end of the weir and lowered it (tying the invert in with that in the long section). I have also duplicated the d/s cross section and raised it to the d/s end of the weir. I understand that chainage needs to be conserved, but if I add the weir length into the 'distance to next section' of the cross section immediately below the weir the gradient down to the remote d/s cross section will be reduced and the head over the weir will increase. Any suggestions on how to configure crumps (or where this has been discussed already) would be appreciated. Iain

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