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17/06/2009 12:59:00

Rather than scoring ideas in the ideas lab by the balance of votes for and against, it could perhaps be more enlightenig in some instances to view a percentage of those in favour or against a given idea.
As it stands, if 1000 people vote for and idea, and 980 vote against it, it shows as being very popular with 20 votes, but reality is that half the comunity is against it. Since I suspect most people won't give negative votes unless they think it is a bad idea, half the comunity saying something is bad is worth knowing about!
That said, you don't necessarily want all the things with just one vote being shown as 100% in favour, so maybe only show percentages for those with 5 votes or more?
Just a thought.

Well done with the changes to the layout of this area so far, looks good.

Sorry for yet anoter post about the ideas lab, rather than about ISIS! But hopefully, making the lab a more friendly/interesting place will in turn make ISIS better... :)

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