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18/06/2010 14:44:32

It would be really nice to be able to output the model results in the order that they appear in the model.

Due to different survey datasets having different labels we have disparate node label systems that are difficult to order using parsing techniques. For example 01_nnnn labels are interspersed with AAAA_nnnn, so sorting just lumps the 01's together and the AAAA's together. Alternatively its a manual task.

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Flood Modeller Support

18/06/2010 14:44:32

This can partially be overcome by using the "Tools->Sort Initial Conditions" option in the main UI. You'd have to re-run the model having done this though.
What this does is sort the model nodes in the initial conditions (which controls the order in the oputput files, and hence TabCSV) in logical data file order.

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