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17/10/2008 14:06:02

I've just noticed that some of the curious zeros in brackets at the end of the headings for ideas viewed in the main ideas lab are infact now ones!
And clicking on the heading reveals that this means someone has commented upon the idea.

Some of these comments are really quite halpful to see, being responces from the ISIS team for the most part. One such comment is in responce to the multiple language support idea, for example, and is asking which languages people would like to see. A worthwhile question that it would be good to have responces to!

It would seem to me then, that'd it'd be helpful if these comments were a little more visable in some form. Alternatively, (or perhaps additionally) it would be usefull if at least the ISIS development teams responces were visible on the main page; allowing better access to both the follow-up questions they may have and their ideas for implementation.

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17/10/2008 14:06:02

Much better, thank you! Looking good...

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