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Miguel M Piedra

29/09/2013 09:54:31

I would like ISIS to develop a tool whereby at the time of opening ISIS a window would open asking for the type of licence the user wishes to open: a)Free, b)Under 1000 nodes and c)Over 1000 nodes. This will be very useful for networked licences so the user can decide which licence to use depending on their needs; so a full licence is not taken when only tasks that can be done with the free version are required.
This will help optimise licence use and avoid occupying higher-level licences unnecessarily.

Many thanks

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Flood Modeller Support

29/09/2013 09:54:31

The new licensing method (WIBU) does this for the computational engine - if it runs a model with less than 250 nodes, it gives the licence back straight away

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