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17/08/2015 13:03:22

With the legacy version of ISIS2D and ISIS1D the online manual was converted to a PDF which I found very useful as I only have one screen. This saved me making several help requests. Consequently could I request that the new onling Flood Modeller reference manual is collated and made available a PDF also or as a few major groupings of PDF's? Having the maunual available as a PDF provides many more print options which are independent of the PC platform on which the software is installed.


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Flood Modeller Support

12/10/2015 15:21:30

Hi Steve

The Flood Modeller user guide can be printed using the following procedure:

 - Open FloodModeller.chm (from Flood Modeller software> Start tab > Help > Flood Modeller Help) or by clicking on the chm file itself, which is  

   usually in C:\Program Files\Flood Modeller\bin;

- Press Print button on top (the button to the right in the row under the words “Flood Modeller” in the top left corner);

- Select "Print the selected Heading and all subtopics" from the options displayed

Note that you will need to repeat this procedure 4 times to print the complete user guide, once for each of the main top-level sections in the Flood Modeller manual.

This procedure is hopefully sufficent for you to obtain a reference copy of all Flood Modeller guidance material. However to produce a complete pdf version of the full user guide in which all formatting and cross-referencing is correct requires a more laborious process.




01/08/2016 16:28:17

This printing procedure doesn't give us a proper User Guide.

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