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Matt Jeffes

26/10/2016 14:15:51



I discussed with Konrad on a course but it would be good if the pan function in the GIS window could be linked to the mouse. In CAD if you hold the middle mouse button down and move the mouse it pans the image. A similar function in Flood Modeller would be great to improve navigation around a complex gis represented system.



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02/11/2016 09:14:31

Totally agree with this. ArcGIS has this same functionality as well. Would make panning much more efficient. Hotkey would also be good. ArcGIS has hotkeys for zoom in/out and pan when you press and hold z, x or c.






Flood Modeller Support

02/11/2016 11:06:55

Hi Matt

Flood Modeller currently has panning permanently enabled via teh use of the up, down, left and right cursor keys (you can alternatively use W, A, D and X as these are also linked to the same functionality).

For panning using the middle scroll wheel I think I recall we encountered a technical issue when we originally tried to implement this. We can look at it again (now the map component has gone through a number of iterations) and see whether we can now get around the issue. If so then it can be considered for development in the near future.

However, it would be good to get further feedback from more users to ensure that we won't be implementing something that might then be counter-intuitive to users of other GIS software (as they're not all the same). 



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