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02/11/2016 12:34:23

I have recently seen some requests for new ideas for which similar or alternative functions already exist in the current version of the software. Furthermore there have been reported software bugs for which workarounds may exist that the user was unaware of. In these cases (not to mention where particular model issues are solved) I think it could be useful for the wider Flood Modeller community to be made aware of the relevant workaround or potentially useful function or methodology.

Currently the forum system only generates email notifications for an initial post within a thread and notifications of subsequent posts will only be sent to the original poster, plus anyone else who has contributed to the thread. So unless you are checking the forum regularly you may miss a potentially helpful reply.

I propose two options for the forum:

 - Firstly an option (maybe on the initial email notification or at the top of the thread) to sign up to a thread so that you then get emails notifying you of any subsequent replies.

 - Secondly an option in your account settings to automatically receive notifications of all posts on all threads within the forums and ideas lab. Obviously not everyone would want this as it may significantly increase the number of Flood Modeller emails you receive (hence why it would only be an option), but it would guarantee you don't miss out on learning about a particular function.

Any feedback would be gratefully received as to whether either or both of these options would be useful.



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02/11/2016 12:36:55

Yes please to option 1.


02/11/2016 13:06:14

Option 1 sounds good, but also option 2 with the added varient that you can choose to receive replies to threads as a daily digest, while continuing to get emails about new threads individually (altough other may also like to get the new thread emails as a daily digest too!). I'd rather not completely fill my inbox with flood modeller emails, but agree that  useful info is often written in responce to questions that can be missed. Thanks.



02/11/2016 17:02:28

PHAs' idea sounds good to minimise the number of emails. But even without this I think these ideas would be great for sharing knowledge.

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