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16/01/2017 22:57:20

There is a lot of interest in trying to model NFM features. I recently constructed a leaky dam using a reservoir, weir and orifice. This is not easy in FMP 1D as naming the nodes and getting it all connected properly is a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, the nature of these NFM measures is that you have to do lots of them.

I wondered if there is scope to make a leaky dam "unit". Inside it would have the three components, but only one "unit" would need connecting into the river schematic. I would have thought this would be a relatively easy thing to code.

Using this kind of measure in a hydrological routing model would be really useful in tackling the scale of these NFM problems. Armed with a DTM and some ReFH units you could go a long way to a first approximation of the problem.

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Flood Modeller Support

17/01/2017 10:09:02

Have you looked at the online POND unit? This essentially combines a reservoir with an outlet strucutre, which can be a sluice, weir, rating or combined sluice & weir. Connectivity-wise, it's just a 2-noded unit, like most structures, so could be what you need (given that a sluice and orifice use essentially the same equations) ... or could possibly be developed further.


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