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Jon Lloyd

04/11/2016 17:18:17

I find the Model Health Check feature in Flood Modeller a useful tool for quickly assessing the quality of 1D model builds and performing simple checks on panel markers, node spacing etc. However, I think the tool would be even more useful if it was better geared towards assisting the modeller in fixing these issues in a more direct manner.

For example, it would be great to see the cross sections that don't have set panel markers highlighted in the Map window to allow the user to quickly assess which sections need addressing rather than picking out the labels from the text output and then searching through the nodes list to find these units. This would be particularly helpful on larger models or where the reviewing modeller is less familiar with the node labels and wants to understand spatially where errors might be occuring.

I think a similar visualisation of these checks would be useful on a whole host of the in built tests / checks that the Model Health Check feature already provides. For example if you were able to highlight areas of erratic node spacing in the map window and compare this against known areas of poor convergence, this might help modellers pin point weak points within their models and make ammendments to try and fix these issues.



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