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Daniel van der Leer

05/03/2019 12:08:38

When running a FloodModeller-TUFLOW linked 1d-2d model, Flood Modeller uses the folder specified in Window's 'Path' Environment Variable to locate the TUFLOW executable and dll files.

We use our modelling computer to run FMP-TUFLOW 1d-2d models for multiple projects that sometimes need to use different builds of TUFLOW for legacy reasons. We have not found a way to run 1d-2d simulations that use different builds of TUFLOW in parallel.

It would be useful if the IEF file had an option to specify the file location of the TUFLOW executable, which would facilitate use and management of the TUFLOW build in 1d-2d simulations.

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05/03/2019 15:04:34

I agree that this would be a useful feature in the IEF.

In the interim I manage this by having a very specific folder for the tuflow executables that I wish to use with Flood Modeller. This folder is separate from my archive of tuflow verion executables and is specified in Windows environmental variable paths.

When I switch between projects I simply delete the folder content and paste in the tuflow version executables that I need. I might do this a couple of times a day as I switch projects. My volume of model runs allows me to do this and I apperciate that high volume multiple run/project batches might not favour this technique.

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