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08/07/2008 14:20:23

When modelling historical (or indeed realtime) events, recorded flows may drop below what ISIS is capable of modelling. This requires the setting of minimum flows in the inflow data.
Currently the flow data has to be altered externally to ISIS. It would be much easier if there was an additional option within QTBDYs to impose a minimum flow (like there is in FEHBDYs for exapmple).

There may also be other instances where similar functionality would be useful, such as HTBDYs...

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Flood Modeller Support

08/07/2008 14:20:23

...marking as enacted...

Rob H

Flood Modeller Support

08/07/2008 14:20:23

The ability to set a minimum flow for the QTBDY unit has now been added for a future release.

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