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26/01/2009 11:33:38

When applying a global roughness change in ISIS it only applies this to river sections.

Given that the bed under a bridge is nearly always composed of the same material as the bed u/s and d/s of the structure, could the global change be altered to allow manipulation of Manning's under the structure?

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Flood Modeller Support

26/01/2009 11:33:38

...on the global roughness form there is a new check box to select whether to apply to bridges


26/01/2009 11:33:38

A nice additional tick-box to include structures, or not, would seem good to me.

Rob H

Flood Modeller Support

26/01/2009 11:33:38

This has been added (ISIS 3.5.1)


26/01/2009 11:33:38

Whilst looking at this, it would be good to stop ISIS writing at the beginning of a run the warning about changing N in a section that appears in the zzd diagnostics for bridge sections as this distracts from identifying where this warning is actually important

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