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Lee Garratt

04/10/2019 14:22:18

V4.5 appears to have lost the function of crashing/stopping FM/TUFLOW model runs early as the TUFLOW dos window is now part of the FM run window (ctrl C no longer works).  Can this be added back into the programme as although you can crash/stop the simulation it will not generate teh maximums to the time it was stopped. 

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Flood Modeller Support

04/10/2019 17:19:53

Hi Lee

Nothing has changed in v4.5 regarding the run window for 1D-TUFLOW linked models. The issue you refer to has been present since we changed to the new run interface in v4.3, however it shouldn't happen all the time. We attempted to maintain the "Ctrl C" functionality under the run cancel button, i.e. the red X in the upper right corner of the run interface. However, we have found that this method of curtailing the run doesn't always trigger the functionality in TUFLOW to generate the maximums (as would normally happen with Ctrl C). The current alternative option would be to start your model run from a command prompt window as this would then display the run progress the "old" way with the separate TUFLOW and Flood Modeller windows. In future though, we could look at adding a setting in the interface to allow models to run in this way when started from within Flood Modeller. In addition we will liaise with the TUFLOW development team to see if an alternative option can be implemented.

I hope this information is useful.



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