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07/06/2012 16:12:42

At the risk of someone telling me an easy way to do this, I was wondering whether it would be possible to develop an ISIS Mapper (or within the main program) tool to extract the XYZ data from within a DAT file. The reverse exists for creating a DAT file from a csv file containing xyz information so I was hoping it isn't too much trouble to turn the tool around!

I imagine I could write an Excel macro to do it and import the DAT file as a text, but that seems clunky and not ideal.

What do you reckon?

(Cue someone pointing out this feature exists)

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07/06/2012 16:12:42

I think what you're looking for is already in tabular CSV.

If you open up tabular CSV then select "Coordinate extraction" a new tab appears "Coordinate options" this allows you to select what coordinate info you want outputing.



07/06/2012 16:12:42

Actually reading your post again maybe this isn't what you want as this will only output the XY data, not the elevations as well...

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