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13/09/2008 00:53:03

Prior to using ISIS Professional the software package I used for flood risk modelling enabled me to swiftly import surveyed cross sections directly from a csv or txt file. I could also build up a ground model from OS NextMap data (again in csv or txt format). It would be really useful if cross section and ground model data could be imported directly into the model from an Excel or txt file.

Presently I am having problems converting this data as I believe MapInfo + an add-on is required to convert the files to a format that ISIS will read.

If anyone has a workaround for this I would be grateful. We use a number of surveyors who generally provide us with data in XYZ format as a CSV file as this is how we've asked for it in the past.

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13/09/2008 00:53:03

All that is being asked for I would have thought was already available to you in ISIS or ISIS mapper and covered in tutorials help etc. You certainly dont need Mapinfo. Suggest this post is moved to forums if you need further hints.

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