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P Garside

29/11/2016 14:59:34

Is it possible to add an arrowhead, to indicate the direction in which polylines in Flood Modeller have been drawn? This would be useful for application to Flood Modeller-TUFLOW model files, such as BC lines and PO lines?

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Flood Modeller Support

29/11/2016 15:24:27

I agree that this is a good idea and we can look into whether it's possible for the next release (or further into the future). However, in the meantime, there are a couple of workaround options that might help:

1. In the shapefile properties window > labels tab you can switch on labels (maybe just set the displayed attribute to the shape ID for simplicity) and you can customise the label position to be at the start (or the end) of each feature. Thus, the label can be used to signify the direction of the line. Note, you may need to experiment a little with the amount of offset required to show the label clearly, plus remember that by default any label overlapping is not allowed (but this setting can be changed).

2. Alternatively, if you place a shapefile in edit mode and use the Select tool in the Layer Editor toolbar to select a shapefile feature then the start of the line will be shown as a red dot (and no dot at the end of the line). So this also can be used to show the polyline direction.

I realise that neither of these methods are ideal, but hopefully they could be useful while we investigate options for adding arrow heads to lines in future.



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