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FM-TUFLOW model does not retry for license

Posted 29/01/2018 15:32 by I-Hsien

Last post 05/02/2018 16:43

1 reply

I'm attempting to run a linked Flood Modeller-TUFLOW model, which fails immediately with the following message in the TUFLOW log file

initialising M2D licence...
TUFLOW M2D Module       No free LAN licences available.

NoXY: ERROR 2100 - Multiple 2D Domains module not available or all licences in use.
Cannot use "Start 2D Domain" command.
For licensing information, please contact sales@tuflow.com.
Wiki Link: http://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_Message_2100

We do have networked TUFLOW licenses, and it is correct that at the time none were available.  However, the set-up of the machine should mean that TUFLOW retries for a license until one becomes available.

This seems to have only become an issue since updating to the latest versions of Flood Modeller (4.3) and TUFLOW (2017-09-AC-iSP-w64).  Would anyone be able to advise on why the model fails, rather than retrying for a license?

Many thanks


1D and 2D Timesteps

Posted 27/10/2017 13:04 by Sarah

Last post 27/10/2017 13:51

1 reply

Good afternoon,

I'm updating a model to include some new defences. This model has 3 domains, one with a 20m resolution, another with 10m and now a newly updated 7m (from 10m). The exising 1D timestep was 5 and the existing 2D timestep was also 5. What is the best combination of 1D and 2D timestep to apply to a model in this position? 




TUFLOW link with FM on GPU and

Posted 19/07/2017 09:55 by Laksri

Last post 27/07/2017 16:38

1 reply


1. I'm tried to link flood modeller in 2D environment (TUFLOW) in GPU and GPU wasn't take the flood modeller dongle to run the model. How can I fix this issue?

2. How can I add flows for tributeries by the direct rainfall model (2D model in TUFLOW)  to reduce the active area from 730 km2 to 400 sqkm to run the model faster to 1D-2D linking?



Exporting Interpolated nodes

Posted 04/07/2017 13:10 by Ankita

Last post 04/07/2017 15:51

1 reply


I am trying to extract 1D interpolates location from .DAT file. I am able to extract only cross-section, not the interpolates cross-section.

Is there any way to assign co-ordinates to interpolates and extracting the same?



Posted 13/05/2015 16:37 by Tom.Lecomte

Last post 07/09/2015 12:08

2 replies


I recently downloaded the new version of Flood Modeller and I just would like to know the procedure to use TUFLOW link.

How can I get the link tab on the running simulation prompt ?

Do I have to install a licence upgrade on the dongle ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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