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24/06/2015 14:19:55

I am looking at the possibility of using Flood Modeller to create models which could be used with A Level Geography Students. 


The Exam requirements for A Level Geography are changing next year, to a more Systems based, whole catchment based approach to rivers, as opposed to simple changes along a rivers course. As fieldwork, students would look at a small catchment and consider inputs, transfers, stores and outputs to that system and resultant issues, including flooding.

They will take measurements of the river channel, including calculations of mannings n, and consider impacts of inputs on maximum flow.

I would like to create a simple model, max 5km of channel length, and around 10 cross sections, to explore the flood risks within that small catchment.

Not being a modeller i dont know much about doing that, i have seen isis in use before and think it could do that - but some words of wisdom and pointers to help would be VERY welcome.

Many Thanks 

David Morgan

Field Studies Council


24/06/2015 15:55:27

Hi David,

Sounds like a great way to teach about catchment dynamics. A combination of field work and using up-to-date industry software. Are you looking for someone to create and/or teach a workshop for you?


Thomas Mackay Ltd

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