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14/10/2015 16:04:37

When I double click or right click an select 1D Node Properties i get teh following message "Unable to open unit form, please right click and choose show 1D Node Properties or double click the node in the network tab"

If i try double clicking on any node within the network tab i get the following warning box " Access violation at address 11527887 in module IsisInterfaceLibrary.dll. Read of address 0000002C."

This occurs in both 64 and 32bit versions of Flood Modeller 4.1 on a win 8 machine. These cross sections/nodes do open in ISIS3.7 and I can plot the cross section and view data as normal but they will not open in Flood Modeller. This only affects some .DAT files and not others. Having viewed the .DAT files in notepad i can see little difference between those that have this error in Flood Modeller and those that don't.


Flood Modeller Support

16/10/2015 09:44:49


The majority of models should load in Flood Modeller and allow you to access individual node properties without a problem. However, we have seen this issue with a few selected models. Currently there seems to no obvious reason for the issue to occur, but we are continuing to investigate and when we locate the cause we will endeavour to fix the problem. In our experience the problem has not been repeatable and can be fixed by switching off Flood Modeller. re-starting and re-loading the model. Has this worked for you or is the problem repeating every time with this particular model? Either way I'll try to contact you through our support team to try to learn more about the problem.





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